Chiropractic Is Preferred For Spinal Disc Problems

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Chiropractic care for spinal disc problems is steadily increasing in popularity. As more and more research proves the effectiveness for chiropractic for these types of problems, doctors, and therapists are incorporating it into treatment plans for their patients. Spinal disc problems can be debilitating, causing significant pain and severely limiting mobility. Degenerative disc disease is […]

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5 Things to Know About Text Neck

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Remember how your mom always said, “Nothing in life is free”? Well, she was right.  High-tech gadgets and smart phones advancing at the speed of light are a modern convenience unlike little else, but the advantages of communication at our fingertips come with a price, text neck. Here are 5 things chiropractic patients ought to know […]

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7 “Fixes” for Neck and Back Pain

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Back pain is something many of us deal with on an all too frequent basis.  I discuss back pain and belly fat in a recent blog post:   I also have discussed the purpose of pain in this blog post: I recently came across this article discussing some ways to “fix” back pain.  […]