7 Signs Your Gut Bacteria Are Affecting Your Health

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The bacteria in your gut can be one of your strongest allies in getting healthy…or it can be one of your worst enemies. Most people don’t realize it, but what they eat and how they live are changing the makeup of their gut bacteria. Exciting new studies are coming out every day exploring the connection between gut bacteria and practically […]

Adrenal Fatigue Word Cloud

What is Adrenal Fatigue?

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 How are you feeling lately?  Would you say that you feel pretty good, but…you are tired in the early afternoon or even upon awakening? Maybe you feel pretty good, but…you’re feeling overwhelmed day to day and you can’t explain why.  You’ve been getting more colds lately, you’re a little constipated, you aren’t sleeping so well […]

11 Ways I Help My Patients Balance Hormones Naturally

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1. Heal Leaky Gut  Leaky gut is a condition that not only affects your digestive tract, but also causes hormone issues and can more specifically target your thyroid. When undigested food particles like gluten leak through your gut into your bloodstream, it causes disease-causing inflammation of the entire body and more specific organs like the thyroid. Most […]

Functional Medicine: The Best Kept Secret in Science & Medicine Today

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Functional Medicine: A truly Holistic Approach to Health & Healing Are you looking for a solution to your health issues, but don’t want a drug based treatment? Are you looking for a way to normalize blood pressure, cholesterol levels or blood sugar without taking yet another medication? Do you want a better way to manage […]

The Dangers of Antacids and Proton Pump Inhibitors

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Did you know….long term use of antacids and proton pump inhibitors result in poor absorption of vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium and increase your risks for muscle pain and injuries, poor muscle recovery, heart attack, leaky gut syndrome, bacterial infections, osteoporosis and even bone fractures.   Proton pump inhibitors are prescribed for gastroesophageal […]