Medical Massage Therapy

Medical Massage TherapyMedical massage differs from relaxation type massages in many ways:

  1. A Physician may refer you for medical massage and may have specific requests for your treatment from that therapist such as active release or trigger point therapy to release tightened or shortened muscles to aid in their recovery.
  2. Medical Massage is site specific and often concentrates on a single area or specific muscle or muscle group.
  3. Your treatment with the medical massage therapist is geared toward your individual clinical needs or to solve a specific problem rather than to simply induce relaxation.
  4. Medical Massage is often part of a broader treatment plan and is targeted to improve medical conditions or challenges and to help you meet specific clinical goals.

About Your Massage Therapist

Bruce Walters LMT is trained in advanced medical Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Massage and Myofascial and Active Release techniques.  With 12 years of clinical experience, Bruce brings a holistic approach to his style of therapeutic massage which is congruent fits beautifully with Dr. Hoch’s Philosophy of practice and the our other services offered at Fort Myers Chiropractic Studio.

What’s different about my approach is that I work closely with Dr. Hoch to help her and our patients resolve specific conditions.  Together we can apply the best massage techniques, physiotherapeutic and Chiropractic techniques to help our patients get better faster.

You should not expect a quiet candle lit room at Fort Myers Chiropractic Studio for your massage.  Instead, your massage will be performed in the therapy bay of our office separated from other treatment tables by medical privacy curtains.  You will remain clothed or perhaps be asked to change into a medical gown, but you will always be appropriately draped in this semi-private medical setting.

Medical Massage Fees are based on time and range from $50-$150.