Acupuncture: Safe & Effective For All

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Acupuncture is a component of traditional Chinese medicine and Eastern Medicine that originated in China over 5,000 years ago. It is based on the belief that living beings have a vital energy, called “qi” (pronounced chee) that circulates through twelve invisible energy lines known as meridians on the body. Each meridian is associated with a […]

Functional Medicine: The Best Kept Secret in Science & Medicine Today

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Functional Medicine: A truly Holistic Approach to Health & Healing Are you looking for a solution to your health issues, but don’t want a drug based treatment? Are you looking for a way to normalize blood pressure, cholesterol levels or blood sugar without taking yet another medication? Do you want a better way to manage […]

The Dangers of Antacids and Proton Pump Inhibitors

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Did you know….long term use of antacids and proton pump inhibitors result in poor absorption of vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium and increase your risks for muscle pain and injuries, poor muscle recovery, heart attack, leaky gut syndrome, bacterial infections, osteoporosis and even bone fractures.   Proton pump inhibitors are prescribed for gastroesophageal […]