Low Energy & Fatigue

Going through life tired is no fun! If we don’t sleep well one night it can totally change our mood the next day, even to the point of depression.

Whether our lack of energy is due to stress, illness, overwork, or any number of things, the adrenal glands will be affected.

Adrenal exhaustion occurs when a person’s cortisol levels become depleted. Cortisol is our stress hormone (aka: fight/flight hormone). The three main sources of stress that cause adrenal fatigue are emotional, dietary, and pain/inflammation. Even if a stressful event occurred many years ago, our bodies can still be suffering from its effects today. It’s called the domino effect.

There are many simple fixes that you could start with, such as going to sleep early (10:00 p.m. is a great goal!) or staying hydrated. I would strongly suggest avoiding sugar and processed foods, which might give us energy temporarily, but zaps it over the long-run due to the inflammation it creates.

Acupuncture can help de-stress the body and recharge it.  Many people relax so deeply during acupuncture that they often fall asleep. I’ve had quite a few patients say it’s even better than a massage.

Healing the adrenal glands is a fabulous way to gain energy. The magical part of that process is that it can heal many other ailments at the same time! Have your adrenal status diagnosed with a simple saliva test.

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