little-girl-sneezeAllergies are often treated with chiropractic care. Many allergic and asthmatic reactions are caused by hypersensitivity of the immune system and/or respiratory system. Researchers have found that the immune and respiratory systems depend on normal communication from the brain and spinal cord to control and coordinate their functions properly.

Therefore, if your neck is misaligned, it could cause an imbalance in your nervous system function. This upper cervical spinal joint irritation could possibly produce or exaggerate asthmatic and allergic symptoms. For example; many asthma and allergy sufferers experienced traumas such as head injuries, auto accidents, or falls which could have injured their upper cervical spines. The good news is that we can perform an upper cervical examination to determine if chiropractic care can reduce your allergic and asthmatic reactions. Schedule an appointment today!


Check out what our patients have to say…

I needed a change…

I came to Dr. Hoch with extreme back pain, chronic allergies, and sinusitis three years ago.  I am a hair stylist and years of improper foot ware and standing had really taken a toll on my back.  Even worse than my back pain were the constant sinus infections triggered by my allergies.  I was so tired of taking antibiotics and allergy medications repeatedly only to have my sinus problems reoccur.  I decided I needed a change.  I received  treatment from Dr. Hoch which included spinal adjustments, acupuncture,  and homeopathic remedies for my allergies and sinus problem.   I also needed to make a few dietary changes.  I was soon on the road to better health and not only did I receive complete relief of my back pain, but I have been able to manage my allergies without succumbing to any more sinus infections.     ~M P


My Son No Longer Suffers from Severe Allergies…

When my son Justin was four, he didn’t have any medical issues until our family moved to the country.  Soon after we moved, Justin developed really bad allergies.  We took him to an allergist who put him on a lot of medications.  He was in and out of the hospital several times with breathing difficulties in the course of less than a year.  His symptoms were not getting better and so his medications were increased.  As a result, he suffered major side effects from all the medication.  My friend, Karen, referred me to Dr. Christine Hoch.   Dr. Hoch recommended spinal adjustments three times per week.  In just 6 weeks we were able to take him off ALL of the medications and his appointments were reduced to once every two weeks.  He continues to take homeopathic drops twice a day during his allergy season and gets adjusted every 2-4 weeks. He is doing wonderfully.  He has not had an allergy or asthma attack in several years.            Thank you, Dr. Hoch!    ~Kay


I tell a lot of people to try chiropractic and tell them, “What have you got to lose?” The only thing we lost was Blake’s loud breathing!

My son, Blake, had allergies. He constantly had itchy eyes and a stuffy nose which meant he had to breathe through his mouth….very loudly. When I took him to the allergy doctor, he prescribed medication to help Blake’s allergies. However, the medication didn’t help. He had been suffering for over 5 years when I decided to look for alternative help. I made an appointment with Dr. Hoch. I’ll admit that I was skeptical that she could do anything to help my son. But, she began adjusting him and recommended some modifications to Blake’s diet. All of a sudden, we noticed that he had gone through fall (major allergy season) without listening to him sniff. Progress!  I even began to see Dr. Hoch for back pain. She treated me with acupuncture, and my back pain was instantly minimized. It is much more manageable now. I tell a lot of people to try chiropractic and tell them, “What have you got to lose?” The only thing we lost was Blake’s loud breathing!  ~W.P