Summer Vacation Announcement

Whew!  Here it is July 1st – it seems like just yesterday it was January 1st.  Where did the time go?

For me, July is a month of celebration.

First, we have Independence Day. I love Fireworks and can’t wait to see them at Fort Myers Beach.  I hope you are planning something fun… or relaxing to celebrate our country’s independence from British rule.

The office will be CLOSED on July 4th for Independence Day

We will re-open Tuesday, July 5th at 1 PM


Secondly, my husband’s Grandmother, Irene, turns 99 this month!!!! She has really seen it all.  She grew up in rural Arkansas in a small cabin without electricity or running water. The toilet was an outhouse in the barn and baths were taken in a metal barrel in the same barn.  Drinking water was hauled in a bucket from the stream or a well and clothes were washed in the same bath barrel on a washboard.

Today at 99 years young, she still lives independently, cooks for herself, and is as warm, humble, and sharp-minded as ever.  She is very social and still bowled on a bowling team until the (covid) lockdowns in 2020.  The isolation wasn’t good for her in many ways, and she has decided to move into an assisted living home this year…after her Birthday.

She is seen here with her Great Granddaughter.  Kylie was sitting with her feet on the seat of her chair and Irene proved that she could do it too!

Irene has 4 children, (8) grandchildren, (13) great-grandchildren, and (4) great-great-grandchildren (so far), and we are coming together this month to celebrate this marvelous woman’s 99th Birthday in Kansas City, MO.

And, Third, My husband and I are extending our trip for a stopover in Nashville to celebrate my Birthday.  I will only be 52, but any reason to celebrate is a good reason to celebrate!

The office will be CLOSED July 18th – July 22nd.


If you need to get in to see me for an adjustment or because a new problem has crept into your body, PLEASE don’t wait to call and schedule your appointment.  Our office hours are typically scaled back during the summer months, but this month, in particular, you will need to call ahead.


Our office hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday by appointment only.  



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Summer Vacation Announcement

  1. Happy Independence Day Christine! You certainly have a lot to celebrate! I would have sworn you were a thirty something.
    I’m so glad met you and I can truthfully say you have changed my life. May God bless you and your family.

  2. Wow! Nearly 100? Good for her! And good for you that you are celebrating YOUR birthday. Have a ball. You deserve it! PS: I just ordered my Total Body Collagen yesterday. Looking forward to using it and seeing some advantages.

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