Nutritional Tips Every Chiropractic Patient Should Follow

Chiropractic care effectively and naturally treats a multitude of conditions and diseases. The overall premise is to return the body to its natural alignment by removing subluxations, which takes care of the root cause of many problems.

Of course, spinal adjustments, aren’t the only Holy Grail for total health. So, it’s essential for chiropractic patients to also make adjustments in their everyday lives. By doing so, they’ll maximize the effects of their chiropractic treatments, and experience better overall health in general.

Nutrition is one of the biggest factors and plays a large role in a patient’s recovery. The adage “you are what you eat” is true. Feeding the body with vital vitamins and minerals promotes growth and healing. Filling up on fried, fatty foods does the opposite.

Let’s look at four nutritional tips every chiropractic patient should follow:

Eat Fresh Food

Individuals recovering from spinal or other injuries heal quicker when they avoid carrying excess weight. This is especially true if the injury has sidelined them from normal physical exercise.  The best way to avoid excess calories and sugar are simply to eat fresh foods rather than packaged (man-made) foods.  Choose lean cuts of meat and fresh fruits and vegetables and practice portion control. A diet with fewer excess calories offers the dual benefit of helping you avoid packing on the pounds and helping you heal faster.

It’s never too late to lose that excess weight.  The health benefits are tremendous and your back, knees, and feet with thank you!  For more help with weight loss, click HERE.

Pay attention to calcium intake

Bones need calcium for strength, so it should be a priority to consume foods that are rich in calcium.  Ironically, many people turn to dairy for their calcium, but dairy is a very inflammatory food that may prevent healing and cause a whole host of other issues, like weight gain and gut issues.  Instead, get your calcium from dark green vegetable sources, like broccoli, kale, and arugula.  They are not only rich in calcium, but rich in fiber as well and naturally low in calories.

If you are visiting a chiropractor for issues or conditions concerning your bones or nerves, he or she may recommend that you introduce these foods into your diet as soon as possible.

Make protein a priority

Muscle injuries are one of the most popular reasons for chiropractic visits. Protein helps build and heal muscle tissue, helping it to renew itself back to a pre-injury state.

If your daily intake of protein is low, it can hinder the healing process and stand in the way of chiropractic visits giving you the maximum results. Fish and lean meats are the foods that offer the highest protein. Other vegetarian options are tofu, soybeans, eggs, and nuts. Help your muscles rebuild and heal by adding high protein foods to every meal menu.

Stay hydrated

Why do most of us view water drinking with dread? It’s not that bad! If you wish to promote healing, it’s imperative to drink enough water every day.

Water provides an entire slew of benefits, from transporting those important nutrients to where they need to be, to flushing harmful toxins out of the body.  Aim for eight glasses of water a day, and try to drink it throughout the day.  Getting into this habit will boost overall health, and promote healing of injuries and other medical conditions.

Supplement Wisely

While it’s a smart goal to try to ingest all the nutrients you need through food and drink, it’s important to also supplement to bridge the nutritional gap.

Are you eating 5 servings of fresh vegetables daily?  Are you eating the full color of the rainbow so that you are sure to get a balanced variety of necessary nutrients into your diet?  If eating this way is not your daily habit, I encourage you to move in that direction and to supplement wisely along the way.  If you need help, talk to me about your diet and  I will guide you to the correct supplement types and dosages that will aid and improve your unique situation.

When it comes to supplements, I carry my most recommended products in the office.  But, sometimes a patient will need something I don’t have readily available or need something we’ve just run out of.  When this happens, I direct them to my Fullscript online dispensary.


Fullscript  Is My On-Line Dispensary

While I do carry many of my go-to products in the office, I see so many patients with differing needs that it is hard to keep on hand everything I might need for any given patient.  Many times, after I consult with a patient and review their labs, I find that I need a much more customized nutritional support regimen, and may need a specific product from a specific company.   I always keep in mind how to get my patients the best results regardless of the manufacturer or vendor and Fullscript makes obtaining the best products from the best vendors easy for both me and my patients.

On my end, I can log onto Fullscript and select products from many different companies and add these to my patient’s recommendations along with written detailed instructions, that are all stored in one place.  Patients then can log into their profile,  order the products that are recommended and print out their instructions. With one click, patients can then order their supplements and they will be delivered to their home.   If a patient loses their written instructions, it’s no problem, because they will be here, saved in their recommendations.  All they need to do is log in and take a look.

Committing to chiropractic treatment is a big step in the right direction for your overall health and well-being. Incorporate these nutritional tips into your daily routine to get the most out of your chiropractic care.


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Nutritional Tips Every Chiropractic Patient Should Follow

  1. Hello from Michigan, Dr. Chris! It’s Marguerite Teschke. I always learn something from your posts! I usually eat dairy w/berries & honey for breakfast for the protein. I should stay away from dairy anyway since it gives me gas every time 😖. Now I have another reason: Not much protein in it! ☹️
    Also: I need a chiropractor here in Clinton Twp. that uses your techniques.. How can I search for one? What is it called? I would greatly appreciate your help, as I had a VERY bad bout of back pain last week. I trust you for advice. Thanks a million Wonder Woman!

    1. Hi Marguerite ~ I hope you haven’t been waiting too long for my reply (this is not a good way to reach me, so feel free to call the office or e-mail me when you have questions). I’m glad you liked the article. IF you’d like a really excellent protein that is perfect for blending with berries (tastes like a milkshake, without the dairy), we carry a great one – just call and we will ship to you! I’ll e-mail you a few contacts in your area. I’m looking forward to your return to Fort Myers – just a few months away… Dr. Hoch

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