Why is Neck Pain so Common?

In Fort Myers, people come in frequently seeking chiropractic care for neck pain because the majority of people will experience neck pain at some point in their lifetime.

Why is neck pain so common?

Neck pain is so common because we live in an era where we are surrounded by technology. Our computers, tablets, phones, televisions, and video games are contributing to neck pain by consuming people’s day with poor posture and looking down. When we sit with poor posture and spend a lot of time looking down, it causes increased weight and stress on the joints of the neck and the muscles attached to the neck. This causes our muscles to be strained. It also causes our joints to get pulled out of alignment decreasing the range of motion in our neck.

Another usual cause of common neck pain stems from sleeping in unfavorable positions. Waking up with neck pain is never a problem we want to have when starting our day. This can result in a crick or catch in our neck or even no movement at all in our neck.

Of course, there are always obvious injuries that cause neck pain such as falling, lifting objects, getting pushed, or whiplash from car accidents.

Whatever the cause of your neck pain, you should not hesitate to take action.  Delaying care, more often than not, just allows small problems to become big problems!

What can I do to heal my neck pain?

Chiropractic adjustments can correct the neck’s alignment and restore the full range of motion in the neck.  Adjunctive physiotherapies can help put an end to muscle tension and spasm and allow the strained muscles to relax and heal. Home care and good posture are essential to maintaining positive changes once achieved.

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