A tennis clinic geared toward injured players? What a great idea!

Did you know that many professional athletes are utilizing chiropractic care?

Professional athletes from all sports have come to realize how much chiropractic helps them maximize athletic performance. Do any of these names sound familiar:   Rory McIlroy, Michael Strahan, Tiger Woods, Jordan Speith, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, and Serena & Venus Williams?  This is just a very short list of star athletes who proclaim that regular chiropractic care has kept them in the game and performing at their highest level.    Today, more professional and college teams are utilizing Chiropractic Care for that very same reason.

You can have the advantages of Chiropractic care too!

Have you ever considered recommending chiropractic care to your friends with tennis injuries?  I’m on the courts every week with my team and I’m always amazed to see so many injured players.  These tennis lovers are suffering from tennis elbow, knee tendonitis, back problems, hamstring issues, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, hip, and buttock pain and they really needn’t.  Are all Chiropractors created equally?  Actually, no…  The difference is in the practitioner.  A chiropractor who has been an athlete and has played or plays different sports is more apt to recognize how an injury may have occurred.

As a sports Chiropractor, I have an amazing track record for treating sports injuries.  While the triage and rehab of the injury may be delivered in the same way by many practitioners, the one who plays that sport will also understand how to prevent the injury from recurring by giving her patients specific tips and instruction on how to correct a swing or serve, move across the court, or set up to the ball.  Also, not all Chiropractors learn how to treat non-spinal injuries, but I’m Board Certified in Physiotherapy as well as Chiropractic.

I have noticed that many tennis players wear elbow straps (and not usually correctly), knee straps, ankle supports and neoprene braces of all kinds constantly.  Whether they are currently suffering from an injury, or once did, reliance on these supports can actually make their condition worse!  Overutilization of a brace restricts the normal motion of the joint and can prevent the strengthening of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Schedule a Clinic for your Club

I’d like to offer a special kind of tennis clinic for free to your community for tennis players.  It will cover proper warm-up, stretching and cool down.  I will partner with your club’s tennis Pro, so that we can see you in action to determine the cause of participants’ injuries.  I will cover at-home injury triage tips and some general advice regarding specific injuries.  I will give advice about the prevention of those injuries and when it’s appropriate to brace and how to do so properly.  To schedule a clinic, please call the office.  Let’s have a chat and get your injured players back on the court!

Why do the Pros enjoy what chiropractic has to offer? Because they Know It Works!!

Using Chiropractic Care to restore musculoskeletal balance is a wise consideration so that the body has the best opportunity to maximize proper function. And now you and your players can be armed with the same level of knowledge and expertise that the pros have at their disposal.

Join Us for this Unique Tennis Clinic on Wednesday, Dec 4th.  To Register, please e-mail us: drhoch@fortmyerschirostudio.com

I was having pain and numbness in my legs after riding in the car as well as pain and limited ROM in my neck when I met Dr. Hoch. I went to another chiropractor and had a totally different experience…. They did adjustments and exercises on a yoga ball. They were focused on my leg, not my disc herniation, and I had very little results. My experience with Dr. Hoch has been great!  She did a detailed exam and listened to me. She focuses on my nervous system and with the adjustments and physiotherapies, I am feeling much better. I am more flexible, I have no more pain with driving and I feel ready to start my day when I wake up in the morning. I would recommend Fort Myers Chiropractic Studio to everyone! The customer service is outstanding!             ~Jean Perez



Chiropractor in Fort Myers

Jean is my tennis pro.  What would I do if he had stayed injured, or got worse?  I was so glad to be able to help him as much as he has helped me with my tennis game.    I think together, we make a great team.

~Dr. Hoch


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A tennis clinic geared toward injured players? What a great idea!

  1. I’m a big fan of the concept of sports-focused chiropractic care. I recommend chiropractic care as an adjunct therapy on a pretty regular basis. Like I believe chiropractic care and foot massages can help with, say, plantar fasciitis but as part of a holistic approach to avoiding the worst pain and the need for surgery.

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