Finally, A Weight Loss Program that Delivers!

I came across Dr. Hoch’s Metabolic Weight Loss Program when I was surfing her website for information about Chiropractic care.  I was looking for solutions to a myriad of problems that I have been suffering with:  back pain, leg pain, knee pain, shoulder & neck pain, acid reflux, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity.  After a number of years of taking prescription after prescription, and steroid injections and getting no relief, I decided to seek out alternative care.  That’s how I came to be on Fort Myers Chiropractic studio’s website.  I consulted with Dr. Hoch and after only 3 weeks of chiropractic care combined with physiotherapy, I was feeling so much better!  I felt I was finally on my way to better health, so I decided to participate in her weight loss program to shed some of the weight that was no doubt contributing to my health problems.

My husband was so supportive that he also agreed to participate in the weight loss program.  The results were AMAZING and just like her website stated, we were both on track and losing 1-2 pounds per day! WOW!

We were so excited by our results and how easy the program is.  There are no complicated macros to count or menus to follow?  There is no exercise required and we experienced no cravings or hunger.

Dr. Hoch helps her patients embrace a lifestyle change which affects additional health aspects, not just weight loss.  THAT was the how we knew this program was the right one for us!! Another great thing about doing this program with Dr. Hoch is that:

  • She continuously coaches her patients, while explaining all of the why’s and why nots of good nutrition.
  • She explains how different foods irritate your system and why you shouldn’t consume those ones that do while offering ideas for healthier alternatives.
  • She helps you to tailor these new good habits to your life so that it becomes your new lifestyle so that you can keep the weight off and stay healthy.

I know if we hadn’t done this, we would be facing diabetes or worse.

In just 60 days, I have lost 43 pounds and my husband has lost 45 pounds.  We have so much more energy now and our quality of life keeps getting better every day.  My friends are amazed at my transformation and I am more than happy to share my story with them.  I just don’t understand why more people haven’t heard of Dr. Hoch and her weight loss program.

Having Dr. Hoch on your team is key to your success!


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