Say NO to Aspartame…an FDA approved Poison!

When sugar is not an option, we add artificial sweeteners in our diet to sweeten our lives. But is this sweet decision actually adding bitter to your life? Is using an aspartame artificial sweetener the best and safest alternative? Well, not so much. As it is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), we assume that it is safe for consumption when in real it is a toxic sweetener worse than high fructose corn syrup and even, sugar. It is no less than poison for the body. That’s right; it’s that dangerous.

If I just got you wondering that if aspartame is dangerous for health then why is it approved by the FDA, then let me first tell you that it took 20 years for aspartame artificial sweetener sold under the industry leading brand names NutraSweet and Equal to clear the FDA’s safety approval process. The FDA rejected aspartame products predominantly because of the plethora of dangerous side-effects aspartame has on the body. These side-effects include birth defects, brain cancer, diabetes, emotional disorders, disruption of metabolic response, epilepsy, high cholesterol, fluid loss in the body, seizures, obesity, dementia, cardiac diseases and strokes. And the dangers of using aspartame continue to surface over the years through more and ongoing research studies.

Unfortunately aspartame is not only in the artificial sweeteners you put in your coffee or food, this health sabotaging ingredient is now included in more than 6000 products that we use in our daily lives (most often diet or sugar free items). From cereals to sugar free chewing gum to cocoa mixes, gelatin desserts, laxatives, multivitamins, wine coolers, yogurt, milk drinks, shale mixes, soft drinks and even supplements and OTC medicines, the list goes on.

Aspartame is dangerous because it’s made up of phenylalanine and aspartic acid. Phenylalanine is synthetically altered for carrying a methyl group. Methyl group is responsible for the sweet taste. In vegetables and fruits, methanol is basically bonded to pectin, a fiber, that allows it to pass safely through the body’s digestive tract but methanol in aspartame is not bonded to anything. And do you know what that means? It stays inside the body. The ADH enzymes convert methanol into formaldehyde. Formaldehyde wreaks havoc on the sensitive proteins and your DNA, hence causing serious health risks.

Knowing how dangerous aspartame is for human health, the maker of Equal & NutraSweet, GD Searle (the pharmaceutical giant), continue to fight back their case in the quest of getting the green signal from the FDA department. The pharmaceutical giant knew that it could get the approval by flexing the political muscle and that’s exactly what it did. Donald Rumsfeld proved instrumental for GD Searle to getting the FDA approval for this sweet poison that 100 million people now use worldwide. Besides this, organizations like the American Dietetic Association were bribed and the scientific community was flooded with flawed data by fraudulent industry sponsored studies conducted by aspartame makers. All these gimmicks were carried to support the FDA approval for aspartame.

People are unaware that lab tests were faked, dangers detected from aspartame use were concealed, and deceased animals used for tests were restored to life in lab records. Tumors that were caused by aspartame were removed from the animals, and misleading statements and data was provided to the FDA to get safety approval.

So, if you’re using aspartame artificial sweeteners or any other product that includes aspartame, then I’d say stop using them right away. Get in touch with me to find out more about aspartame health hazards, products that include aspartame and what you can include in your diet to add taste in your life without putting your health at risk.

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