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New Weight Loss Program:  I’ve just introduced a new weight loss program to the practice.  I have been looking for a way to help my patients lose weight as quickly as they do on the Metabolic Weight Loss Program utilizing HCG, because not everyone can follow that program.  The number one reason for this is that they are very physically active and while on a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), like the Metabolic Weight Loss Program, exercise is discouraged simply because the calorie intake is too low to support it.  Well, I’ve tested the Keto//OS as a tool to accelerate fat loss and the results have been pretty spectacular.  These patients are losing as much body fat as the patients on the VLCD, but they can (and are encouraged) to exercise and are actually eating a high fat diet.  Though still low in sugar and complex carbs, this diet fits the bill for just about everyone including elite athletes.  In fact, elite athletes, body builders, and cross fitters  use this type of diet to enhance their performance and endurance.  Add the exogenous ketones and the fat loss is accelerated.  I’ll be working on updating the weight loss page on the site to include details about this diet over the next month.  In the meantime, here are some links that praise the benefits of this type of ketogenic diet:

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Utilizing the ketones (Keto//OS) can accelerate the fat loss and force the body into ketosis even if carbohydrates are consumed.  Now that doesn’t mean the ketones will mitigate all of the effects of sugar & alcohol, but they certainly keep you in ketosis.

For patients wanting the accountability, guidance and  advice I can provide on an ongoing basis, they can schedule an appointment to begin our Prüvit Diet (pronounced prove-it).  For $315 you will get your initial visit and consultation, including a body composition test, and a starter pack (5 Day Pack) of Keto//OS, a food list, access to my n8tiveway page (that’s native way) for recipes, exercises and daily tips, and 4 follow-up appointments which include consultation and body composition testing.  Your 30 or 60 Day supply of Ketone is sold separately through my on-line store (see the products page).

New Products Page:  We have a new products page posted on the website.  Here you can find some of the products I recommend, and use myself, every day.  I will be working on this page and adding to it slowly.  Right, now only the Keto//OS is available on-line, in fact I only stock enough of this product to give out a week’s supply to my patients.  To purchase month to month, you must purchase through the on-line store.   I am working on the making the other products that are not currently sold online, available to order on-line! Stay Tuned!

Nancy Brooks says:  Dr. Hoch had me try Keto/OS a few weeks ago when my weight loss stalled and I was at my wits end with the VLCD. I felt an immediate improvement to my brain function and my mid-morning hunger was gone. I split a package of ketones and drink half in the morning and half at noon. My weight loss has picked up but more than just the number on the scale, I can actually feel the fat loss. Ketones have been a game changer for me.

You can visit the products page here:

Referral Drawing 3/13/17:  We will be drawing a name out of our referral jar on 3/13/17.  The winner will receive a brand new I Pad Mini!!!  The more people you refer, the more chances you have to win!  Additionally beginning Monday 2/27/17, each and every time you check in on Facebook at Fort Myers Chiropractic Studio, we will add your name (again and again) to the referral jar.  The more times you check in, the more chances you have to win! If you aren’t already following us on Facebook, you can do so here:

New HCG Support Group Page:  I’ve also created a new HCG (Metabolic Weight Loss) Support Group page on Facebook.  Here you can find tips and recipes to help you be successful and stay on track both during all phases of the HCG / Metabolic Weight Loss Diet.  You can join the group here:

My Staff:  Our practice is growing and so if our staff.  After the New Year, we hired Diana Diaz.  Diana has taken over Erin’s position at the front desk.  But, don’t worry, Erin is still with us.  She is now helping me with therapies and hands on care.




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