How Your Body Handles Sugar Tells A Story of Your Health

Sugar and your body

If you have been following me, read my posts and blogs, or heard one of my lectures, then you have definitely learned something about the health damaging effects of sugar. You would recognize that this amount of sugar consumption (93 grams) will shut down white blood cell production, destroy beneficial gut flora, increase risk of heart disease, raise blood pressure (by causing inflammation and depleting magnesium), deplete other nutrients like B vitamins, feed cancer cells, raise cholesterol, and so much more.

Finally realizing the connection between heart disease and consumption of refined sugars, the American Heart Association recommends no more than 20 grams of added sugar DAILY for children, 150 calories per DAY (37.5 grams or 9 teaspoons) for Men, and 100 calories per DAY (25 grams or 6 teaspoons) for Women. This shake exceeds the DAILY limit of sugar for women by almost three times.

And to answer your question about occasional splurges:  If your gut can handle this amount of sugar all at once without getting sick, then it indicates that you regularly consume too much sugar and are already unhealthy!! This amount refined sugar destroys beneficial gut flora/bacteria (aka probiotics). The die-off causes pretty immediate diarrhea and/or stomach discomfort in those people with adequate healthy flora. (Healthy people feel sick when they consume toxic food.)

BUT for those who regularly consume refined sugars…and therefore do not have adequate levels of beneficial gut flora present to even be destroyed and die-off, they do not experience the symptoms of die off.  Additionally, these people have high levels of candida and other harmful bacteria and fungus in their systems and actually crave this amount of sugar regularly…because sugar feeds these microbes.  (Unhealthy people do not feel sick when they consume toxic food.)

Some other subtle differences between these two groups of people, healthy and unhealthy people include the following:

Healthy People

  • Have good energy all day
  • Sleep through the night
  • Feel rested when they wake
  • Do not feel tired after meals
  • Bounce back from illnesses and injuries quickly
  • Have stable moods
  • Have excellent muscle recovery (they recover from exercise quickly and are not sore after regular exercise)
  • Have healthy, clear skin
  • Have healthy digestion & good elimination
  • Sweat appropriately
  • Do not have headaches, aches or pains regularly
  • Maintain a healthy weight easily

Unhealthy People

  • Have poor energy and often feel tired or lethargic
  • Have Insomnia or wake often in the night
  • Feel tired when they wake in the morning
  • Can feel tired after meals
  • Suffer longer than typical from illnesses and injuries
  • Experience mood swings
  • Have poor muscle recovery (they are sore after even regular exercise)
  • Have skin conditions
  • Have heartburn, reflux, gas, diarrhea, or constipation regularly or daily
  • Sweat excessively or too little
  • Have headaches and muscle and joint soreness regularly
  • Gain weight or have body weight that yo-yos and struggle to lose weight

So which category so you fit into?  Are you healthy or unhealthy?  Are you finally ready to change your health and your LIFE?  Just give me a call at (239) 243-8735 and schedule your first consultation so that you can get the help and guidance you need to turn your life around.

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