Choices: How Much Can One Decision Impact Your Health?

Sunshine and Vitamin D Hormones

Have you ever wondered how much impact one change in diet or exercise or even how long you spend in the sun can really have on your overall health?  I mean does one choice really make a difference?  Yes, it does.  Just look at this article about the seven signs that your Vitamin D levels are too low:

Vitamin D is just one of the many hormones that regulate almost every function of your body.  Many of us know the connection of Vitamin D to healthy bones, but many don’t realize the connection between all the areas Vitamin D regulates. Balanced hormones is one of the keys to wellness and better health.  I wrote about my approach to balancing hormones naturally in a blog post:

In my practice, I focus on functional medicine.  Discussing how your body works overall is part of every day care with me.  To discuss your unique situation, call today and make an appointment!! (239) 243-8735

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