Back Pain & Belly Fat: The Fix To Both

How to Fix Dangerous Belly Fat

If your belly enters a room seconds before you do, chances are you’re on a first-name basis with Chief Aching Back. In the past 20 years, the incidence of obesity has tripled and complaints about back pain have doubled. I’m often asked, Could trimming your bulging middle (or backside) prevent those “gotta lie down” back-pain symptoms? Two new studies say yes — and the back-saving benefits of a flat belly and trim hips go way beyond easing muscle pain.

Body fat is a demolition derby for your vertebral discs. Staying slim keeps the gel-filled cushions that act as your spine’s shock absorbers out of harm’s way. While learning how to protect your back when standing, lifting or exercising is a must, if you are carrying excess weight, especially around your middle, all the careful ergonomics, stretching and exercise may not benefit you very much long term. Those extra pounds increase the load on your spine, taxing your muscles and dumping pressure on the soft tissue around your vertebrae. This can exaggerate the natural curve of your lower back, throwing off your spine’s alignment accelerating vertebral and disc degeneration (arthritis) and causing chronic lower-back pain. Also, belly fat is metabolically active and pumps out inflammatory chemicals that can weaken discs and increase your pain. So, even if your discs have already sustained some damage, if you lose the extra fat pounds your back (and your knee, ankle and hip joints) will thank you.

Today, one in nine people has back trouble that compromises everyday living, interrupts steady work, and tosses a monkey wrench into satisfying relationships. It is estimated that 80% of adults — and a growing number of kids — get back pain once in a while. Overweight kids are twice as likely as slim individuals to have early signs of disc disease — putting them on track for serious back problems further down the road.

Before you order that mega-muffin and caramel mochaccino with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle, here’s what’s to know about the body-fat-bad-back connection: More weight equals more pain. Carrying enough extra pounds to classify you as “overweight” boosts your odds for back pain by 20%. Being obese doubles or triples the risk. Add to that the long periods of sitting we doing the classroom or at our jobs and we have a recipe for pain and more pain.

But, did you know that losing just 4 pounds takes 16 pounds of pressure off your spine? And, losing central body fat (fat around your middle and organs) can lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels and insulin resistance and remove negative impact on your hormone system. This is why Chiropractic & Functional Medicine for Weight Loss is such a great marriage. I help my patients utilizing Chiropractic by correcting vertebral subluxations (improving alignment) and postural balance and symmetry and by teaching my patients proper ergonomics and stretching. For the patient who is overweight, guiding them through my weight loss protocol which uses HCG to mobilize and burn central body fat, can be the key to long term back health (not to mention the overall better health).

If you’re looking for help with your chronic back pain, studies show Chiropractic care is superior to medical care and physical therapy. Call and schedule your appointment today for your Chiropractic evaluation. If you also need help losing weight, call and schedule you weight loss appointment. (All initial weight loss appointments are scheduled on Monday mornings.) Call (239) 243-8735.

One additional note about our Weight loss protocol: No exercise required! That makes this diet perfect for those patients who have back and joint problems which make exercise extremely difficult. Our participants lose on average about 1/2-1 pound per day, so the fat loss and relief are delivered quickly.

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