Your Drugless Physician: Dr. Christine Hoch

In today’s day and age it seems people are more and more confused about who to turn to when they have an injury or health concern.  Back when I was a child we had a family doctor or General Practitioner (GP).  No matter what popped up, if medical attention was required, he was the first person my parents would turn to.  More often than not, he was able to manage the problem simply and easily, and if it was something more serious, he would refer us to the right practitioner.

Life was simple.  But medicine has changed a lot since then and today it seems that medicine has become very specialized, perhaps to the detriment of the families seeking help.  Do you seriously need an orthopedic specialist to check an ankle sprain?  Is it really necessary to have $3000 worth of testing to properly diagnose an allergy?  And what about knee pain – most orthopedics feel the only treatment for knee pain if it’s non-surgical is to take pain meds constantly, but it’s not true, there are other options!
Perhaps you didn’t know this, but the practice of Chiropractic was never meant to be about exclusively treating back pain.  While we certainly are superiorly qualified to handle any lower back complaint, chiropractors are nervous system doctors.  You see, we (all of us) live our lives through our nervous systems.  Whether it’s enjoying a brilliant sunset, digesting our dinners, chasing after a toddler or fighting off an infection.

All of these functions and every other function of your entire body is controlled and mediated by your nervous system.  The central nervous system is surrounded and protected by the spinal column, but if any those 24 moveable bones (vertebrae) become subluxated (get pushed out of proper alignment) due to poor posture, injuries or accident…or even stress that causes muscles to tighten and pull the bones out of alignment, the communication from your brain through the nerves to the rest of your body can be altered.  (Sort of like having a kink in the wire to your ear phones which can cause the sound to have static interference, or change the volume output.)

As a Chiropractor, I can influence and improve the nervous system’s function by adjusting and correcting the subluxated bones of the spine or even the bones of the hand, wrist, foot, ankle or knee or shoulder.  Injuries happen, poor postural habits distort and twist bones out of alignment and put pressure on the nerves which in turn can create any number of health problems.

My job as a chiropractor is to re-align the bones, enhance proper motion and take that pressure off the nervous system so it can do its job to heal your body.  This is what every chiropractor is trained to do.  But, just as today’s medicine has evolved and specialized, today’s chiropractors are trained to do more than only adjust the spine.
Did you know that patients who see a Chiropractor regularly for spinal adjustments are actually healthier than those who do not?  Insurance statistics show that they make fewer visit to their medical doctor, have fewer and shorter hospital stays, they take fewer medications, have better functioning immune systems and report a better quality of life than people who do not get adjusted regularly.
My patients consider me their drug-less physician.  In my practice, you can come to me with any health issue you might have.

If you don’t know where to turn, why not start with me?  I have extensive training in nutritional, herbal and homeopathic healing, I am a Nationally Certified Health Coach, and a Nationally Certified Acupuncturist.  I also have training on every topic that a general practice MD has with the exception of prescribing drugs and performing surgery.

Life is messy and complicated and busy.  Who has time to go from specialist to specialist spending money and seeking answers, when I’m right here and I can help?  This is what my patients in Illinois learned very quickly.  They sought my advice and care for a whole host of medical conditions that you may not think a Chiropractor would have any expertise on (but we do).
For more information about adopting a Chiropractic Lifestyle so you can live your healthiest & best life, visit my website (, or call the office to schedule your consultation (239) 243-8735.

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