The Insufferable Ironies of Allergies

It’s easy, when you’re suffering the tortures of the allergy afflicted, to blame the awful pollen as the bogeyman responsible for your woes. But is this belief accurate? Is the pollen making you miserable, or is it your body’s response, or over-reaction, in its attempts to rid itself of the invader spore or dust?

Actually, it’s the latter. To your body, a pollen spore can look like an armored personnel carrier loaded with enemy and it reacts accordingly. Once inside the nasal cavity, pollen is trapped by the mucous membrane that covers most of the respiratory system.  Then, your body sends in its own defenders in the shape of chemicals called histamines and other inflammatory mediators.

Although histamines are working on behalf of the body, the results can be irritating. Histamine dilates blood capillaries and drains plasma from vessels. The symptoms are most often seen as the red and watery eyes of an allergy sufferer.  But, if the allergen we’re speaking of is a food, the symptoms may be very different: constipation, diarrhea, gas bloating, heart burn, reflux, eczema, yeast infections, sinusitis or sinus infections, water retention, food cravings, behavioral issues, ADHD, headaches/migraines, abdominal pain or stomach aches, joint aches or muscle pain, dark circles under the eyes, mental or physical fatigue, mood swings..etc..  The list can go on and on, but the pattern of symptoms along with your health history and a food diary is an easy give-away for the holistic physician.

In either case, since, histamine production is a function of collaboration between your nervous system and immune system, many chiropractic patients observe that with a better working nervous system, they don’t get the severe allergic reactions they used to.

At Fort Myers Chiropractic Studio, we offer a comprehensive approach to  dealing with your allergies.  First it’s important to determine whether the allergen is environmental or a food.  Homeopathic remedies help to desensitize your body to environmental allergens and finding and eliminating food sources is key.  Then, to help reduce immune system over-reaction, spinal adjustments to correct subluxations that may be adding to your symptoms is chiropractic’s unique approach.  Find out what the best solution for you is by scheduling a chiropractic check-up today! (239) 243-8735

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