Who’s checking YOUR breaker box?

Your spinal bones work something like electrical breakers in a breaker box. At each vertebral level, there are a pair of nerves coming branching off the spinal cord, which exit from the protection of the vertebral column and travel to the rest of your body – yes, your entire body.  Each spinal nerve supplies a connection from your brain to specific organs, muscles, glands, and tissues through which sensory information and commands to and from your brain travel.  This connection can be traced or mapped. ANS2
When a vertebrae is out of alignment or subluxated, it’s like tripping a circuit breaker in your home. Thankfully, our Maker gave us a genius design, and there is a lot of overlap with our nerve supply, so that often, if you are subluxated you don’t lose full power to those organs, muscles or groups of tissues but instead suffer from less than full power.  [The word subluxation literally translates to mean ‘less light’.]
This subluxation and loss of full nerve transmission can result in symptoms: pain, numbness, weakness, indigestion, heart palpitations, or some other reduction in function and not just a change in sensory information.  That means reduced function of an organ or system may not even be detected by you, until the situation is bad enough to elicit perceptible symptoms.
I guess that’s why I look dumbfounded when people say to me, “I’m so glad I don’t need a chiropractor.”
You have a spine don’t you? Who is checking your electrical system and breaker box? Who is making sure you are operating at full power and function?”
Who’s your Chiropractor? If you don’t have one, call (239) 243-8735 and schedule your nervous system check.

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