Isn’t It Time To Discover Wellness?

Isn’t it true that most people go to the doctor only when they are sick?  Consider this:  How many of the people you know have cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, chronic pain, chronic stress or are obese?  How many of those people take medications on a regular basis?  Now, have you ever really thought to yourself, “Hmm, how do I avoid getting sick in the first place?”   This is the question your doctor should be answering for you each time you visit.  Are they?  My guess is that they are not.

The current medical system is set up, in most cases, to work with people who are already sick.  Worse yet, I hear over and over again from my patients that their doctors have told them at one time or another, “Let’s watch it, and when it gets worse we can then take some action.”  That statement has been made in reference to scoliosis, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and neck, back, knee and shoulder injuries, just to name a few.  Does this seem reasonable to you?  Does this sound like health care to you?

When I was a teenager, I got my driver’s license and my first car.  I remember my Dad telling me to check the oil, make sure the gas tank was full, and check the air pressure in each tire.  And, these instructions were repeated over and over again until he knew I was routinely making these checks on my own. He didn’t repeatedly ask me these questions to annoy me. Instead, he thought about my safety; he wanted that car to run properly and not break down leaving me stranded on some stretch of country road, and he wanted that car to run well for its lifetime.

When I tell my patients to drink water, to stop eating fast food and junk food, to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, and to do their exercises and stretches, I’m not saying it to annoy them or to hear myself talk. IT’S MY JOB!  My patients pay me to be a guardian of their health. So, I give them the best advice, instruction, and information that I can.  It is then up to them to apply it to their lives.  I no longer rely on my Dad to remind me to check the oil or have my tires rotated and balanced, yet, many of my patients still don’t take some very basic steps to promote their own health and longevity.  If we all continue on this path, our cars will last longer than we do. Isn’t it time to Discover Wellness?

Colleagues of mine all over the world have been telling this same story to their patients for years.  Many have written books, speak in lecture circuits, and record audios all in an attempt to spread the truth about health and wellness.  Two such colleges, Dr. Bob Hoffman and Dr. Jason A. Deitch, released a book several years ago called, Discover Wellness; How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich.  On the first day of sale, the book took the #7 spot on the New York Times bestseller’s list.  It’s an easy read, and a common sense, fact based approach to explaining how to create a life full of health and wealth.

The primary message:  ‘Don’t wait for your body to break down before you decide to do something.’  If you want to learn more about getting healthy and staying healthy, or if you want an alternative to the medications and interventions you are currently engaged in, just schedule a consultation with me. Together we can discover what actions to take to help you get well, stay well, and add life to your years! (239) 243-8735


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